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2016 Community Retreat

"We in the Palo Alto Baha'i Community are lucky to have a space such as Bosch near us giving us the opportunity to not only develop a stronger bond of friendship among the members of the community, but also have a natural environment for our non-Baha'i friends see first hand what it feels to be a member in this faith."

"It is hard to say what I loved most about the weekend. The programs and the fellowship were both wonderful and balance reflected the thoughtfulness and all the effort that went into the planning." 

"Our community weekend at Bosch was such a wonderful opportunity to learn together, build bonds and connections with beautiful people.  From the moving prayers, energetic ice breakers and ping pong tournament, to the moments of learning all reflected thoughtful planning. It is such a privilege to be a member of this community!"

"The setting was so beautiful and the people who I met were warm and friendly. The room where the workshop was held was very well set up and comfortable. All the equipment there worked well and I didn't have any trouble setting up. My interactions with Lakshmi before and during the retreat were very pleasant and helpful. Overall, my experience was very pleasant!"

"It was the perfect combination of organized, well chosen programming, speakers and workshops with social activities and getting to know each other better. The weekend was refreshing, re-energizing, relaxing and stimulating, all at the same time. It was difficult to leave, but we left feeling that there was so much to do in our community and so much to learn about each other."

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